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Break-ins no longer
target the home

Cybercriminals and fraudsters now regularly target the personal digital lives of individuals and families with wealth, status, and reputation. Cyberboxx Black’s Cybersecurity & Cyber Insurance Platform combines digital privacy protection, emergency response and up to $1M coverage for insured losses.*

  • 28% of ultra-high-net-worth families, family offices, and family businesses have experienced a cyberattack

    (Campden Research)

  • Ransomware now accounts for 10% of all data breaches, with the average demand exceeding $5.3 million

    (Verizon DBIR) (Unit 42 Consulting Group)

  • 25% of family offices have been a victim of cyberattack

    (Columbia University)

Protect your life online.

For cybercriminals, attacking the personal digital lives of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families can be equally as lucrative as hacking into a large organization. Cyberboxx Black members attain peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected from sophisticated threats.

Protect your confidential data and personal communications from unauthorized access, and account takeover.

Prevent your name and image from being used in social media impersonations and other criminal activity. 

Disrupt hackers from stealing your identity to commit fraud and recover fast should you be targeted. 

Stop ransomware, email compromise, and other attacks targeting your family’s wealth.  

Prevent online harassment, social engineering, and other digital threats that can lead to altercation or harm.

Round the clock breach assistance from the BOXX Hackbusters™ Incident Response team.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

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