All-in-one cyber insurance and protection that reduces risk

BOXX doesn’t just INSURE businesses and individuals against cyber liability; we offer complete protection against cyber risk. Our mission is to provide the most effective combination of cyber threat prediction, prevention and cyber insurance coverage for small businesses and homes.

The best cyber liability insurance does more than insure



PREDICT cyber threats by increasing digital resilience, adopting the security tools and trainings BOXX provides your business, home and team members.


PREVENT catastrophic cyber events through our protective tools and services including backups, managed firewalls, cyber monitoring and more.


INSURE against cyber liabilities, with class-leading cyber insurance coverage from Lloyd's, and our professional Hackbusters™ incident response & recovery services.

BOXX Solutions: Corporate Partnerships and Enterprises

Protect your customers with our powerful new technology and our extensive cyber insurance experience. We bring together cyber experts and insurance specialists to deliver scalable solutions.

We develop cyber insurance and protection services to enable corporate partners to provide market-leading solutions to their customers.

From embedded cyber insurance benefits to holistic all-in-one solutions, we help organizations develop custom built solutions to protect their customers and develop new revenue streams.

  • Lloyd's of London
  • HSB
  • Zurich Global Ventures
  • AXA
  • Crawford & Company
  • Hiscox
  • Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited

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Zurich Insurance leads Series B fundraise for global cyber insurtech BOXX Insurance

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