The Cyber Security App for your Whole Family

The cyber security app that helps monitor and protect the digital wellbeing of you and your family.

Protect what matters most

In a world of selfies, social media and digital avatars the line between our online and real-world lives has never been blurrier. The BOXX Cyber Protect app keeps your family’s personal, sensitive and private information secure while you’re online.

  • Protect Personal Information

    Continuous protection for the whole family while they browse, bank or shop online, even on-the-go. Parents get administrator access including event notifications and the ability to set time limits and bedtime.

  • Enhanced Privacy with VPN

    With the benefit of the VPN feature you can surf carefree on public Wi-Fi without exposing yourself to hackers or advertisers. Your traffic is encrypted and impossible to intercept.

  • Password Manager

    Keep your passwords safe and easily accessible from all devices with the Password Vault. Enable autofill and you won’t need to type your passwords anymore. The password generator improves your password security once and for all.

BOXX Cyber Protect FAQs

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  • Protects your device against harmful content/apps
  • Protects your device against virus attacks and ransomeware
  • Protects your personal information from getting compromised
  • Protects your browsing, online banking and shopping
  • Keeps your away from malware and phishing sites maintaining privacy
  • Secures your internet connection with Privacy VPN
  • Prevents online identity theft
  • Stores passwords securely and gives you access across any device with Password Vault
  • Protects your entire family and friends
  • Create your own personal account
  • Log in to the online management portal with your credentials
  • On the portal dashboard, select ‘Add Device’
  • Select ‘Buy More’ to buy additional licenses
  • Choose the device you want to protect, then select ‘Continue’
  • Choose the device type and select ‘Continue’
  • For phones, enter the phone number and select ‘Send by SMS’
  • If there’s no phone number, you can add an email with access and select ‘Send By Email’
  • Follow the instructions sent
  • Post installation, select ‘Open’ to start and activate the application
  • Feature to turn on and off VPN is on the main page of the application
  • Select ‘Privacy VPN’
  • To turn Privacy VPN on, tap the center of the screen
  • Create a master password that you remember
  • Open the app and select ‘Password Vault’
  • Select ‘I’m a new user’ or ‘I’m an existing user’
  • Create a strong master password and select ‘Continue’
  • Re-enter the created master password and select ‘Confirm
  • Create a recovery QR code by selecting ‘Save’ to your photos.
    *Note: Immediately create the recovery QR code, in case you need to regain your master password if forgotten
  • To use biometric authentication (Face ID/Touch ID), make sure ‘Use Touch ID To Unlock’ is turned on and select ‘Save’

To start using Safe Browser:

  • Open the app and select ‘Safe Browsing’
  • Select ‘Safe Browser’


To set up Safe Browser as the default browser:

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Default Browser App.


To disable Safari:

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Screen Time’
  • Select ‘Turn On Screen Time’
  • Go to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ and slide to turn on
  • Go to ‘Allowed Apps’
  • Find ‘Safari’ and slide to turn off
  • Open the app using the device that contains the password vault data and select ‘Password Vault’
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Connect Devices’
  • Select ‘Generate Sync Code’
  • Open the app on the other device that needs to be synced with
  • Select ‘Password Vault’
  • Select ‘I Am An Existing User’
  • Enter the sync code generated previously, paste into the Sync Code field
  • Select ‘Connect’
  • Enter your master password that you use on the device in which you generated the sync code
  • Select ‘Confirm’
  • Select ‘Save’
  • Combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Easy for you to memorise and hard to guess
  • Recommended to use generated passwords
  • Change your password regularly
  • Use different email addresses for different types of online services
  • Avoid using your email address as a username
  • First item to monitor is your email address, followed by usernames and credit card numbers


To add more items for monitoring:

  • Select ‘ID Monitoring’
  • Select ‘Monitored Items’
  • Select ‘+ Add item’
  • Select the type of item you want to add for monitoring
  • Enter the information and select ‘Add’


You can delete the monitored items by:

  • Select ‘ID Monitoring’
  • Select ‘Monitored Items’
  • To delete an item from the list, first select the three dots next to the item and then select ‘Delete’
  • Select ‘Delete’ to confirm

To protect your own:

  • Select ‘People & Devices’
  • Select ‘Add Device’
  • Select ‘My Device>Continue’
  • Select delivery of installation link and select ‘Send Link’
  • Open the link and follow installation instructions
  • Select ‘Install from app store’
  • After the installation is complete, select ‘Open’
  • If you agree to the End User License Terms, select ‘Accept and continue’
  • Select ‘Continue’ to finalize the protection for the device.


To protect your child’s devices:

  • Select ‘People & Devices’
  • Select ‘Add Device’
  • Select ‘My Child’s Device>Continue’
  • Select delivery of installation link and select ‘Send Link’
  • Open the link and follow installation instructions
  • Select ‘Install from app store’
  • After the installation is complete, select ‘Open’
  • If you agree to the End User License Terms, select ‘Accept and continue’
  • Select ‘Install For A Child’
  • From the Set up protection for drop-down, select ‘New Child Profile’
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • Enter the name of the child, select the age group the child belongs to, and then select ‘Next
  • Turn on ‘Bedtime’ by using the sliders to limit the night-time use of apps or device
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Turn on ‘Content Filtering’, select the categories of web content you wish to block
  • Select ‘Next’

Still need some assistance?

If you have any questions about how to use the app please contact us directly.