All-In-One Cyber
Liability Insurance
and Protection

BOXX Insurance delivers the most complete combination of threat prevention, response and cyber insurance coverage in the market plus the tools you need to feel confident advising your clients on cyber risks and insurance.

  • Proactive Protection

    In-house cyber security experts monitor, prevent, and respond to incidents in minutes. 24/7/365. Resulting in fewer claims filed.

  • Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

    Coverage for today’s biggest online security threats. Plus quick, easy claims processing if an attack happens.

  • Cyber Insurance Underwriters

    A-rated insurance backed by Lloyd’s of London and other award-winning insurers—all with a history of administering cyber claims.

Minimize online vulnerabilities. Maximize your cyber insurance offering.

Flexible membership plans allow you to deliver the perfect amount
of coverage and security features for your clients.

  • Cyber Insurance for Business

    Small businesses have a lot to lose. We keep them as safe from cyber attacks as the big guys are for a fraction of the cost.

  • Cyber Insurance for Home

    Hackers see families and individuals as easy targets. We make it harder with complete coverage that protects against online scams, theft, fraud, and more.

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