An all-in-one cyber insurance and protection company

Most cyber insurance falls short of fully protecting small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the emerging risks of our digitally connected world. So, in 2018, co-founders Vishal and Mike solved the problem with BOXX Insurance.

BOXX Insurance's cyber insurance solutions give businesses and families total peace of mind with all-in-one cyber protection and insurance.

A Clear Mission

BOXX Insurance goes beyond traditional cyber insurance. We are here to help the world’s businesses, and all connected households, become digitally resilient.

BOXX exists to make the world digitally safer for small businesses and families. We provide our customers the most effective combination of cyber threat prediction, prevention, response, recovery and insurance coverage; so they can live their lives and run their businesses without worry.

We have advanced technology and industry-leading cyber security experts focusing on:

  • Prevention-First

    We use smart technologies to reduce risks and prevent cyber claims in the first place.

  • Only the Best Partners

    We work exclusively with top-rated partners. All BOXX cyber insurance policies are underwritten by global, award-winning insurance giants.

  • Global Cyber Risk Perspective

    We are active in countries across the world, enabling us to gather data on cyber risks and price our products right.

  • The Right Balance of Technology + Cyber Insurance

    From applications to cyber claims, our touch-points are simple and digital. Our team includes security professionals who happen to be insurance professionals too.

Meet the BOXX team – the perfect combination of cyber and insurance expertise

At BOXX Insurance, we don’t tend to hire typical insurance professionals. The people at BOXX have backgrounds in IT, cyber security or in cyber insurance. If you are passionate about predicting & preventing cyber events before they happen, or providing effective responses in critical situations, we want to hear from you.

  • Vishal Kundi

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Phil Baker

    President of BOXX Canada & Chief Underwriting Officer

  • Hilario Itriago

    President of BOXX USA

  • Milan Naik

    President of BOXX Asia and ME & Global Affinity Lead

  • Michelle Diniz

    Head of Global Operations

  • Eric Newman

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Paige Stiefel

    Paige Stiefel

    USA Head of Operations

  • Dominic Steptoe

    Chief Product Officer

  • Steve Penney

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Alain Jullienne

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Stephanie Banning

    Stephanie Banning

    Head of North American Cyber & Technology Underwriting

  • Neal Jardine

    Global Cyber Risk Intelligence & Claims Director

  • Jack Brooks

    Head of BOXX Hackbusters™

  • Alan Abreu

    Alan Abreu

    European Cyber Manager

  • Brian Dusek

    Brian Dusek

    Head of Products, North America

  • Jim Hand

    Jim Hand

    Head of Canadian Affinity Sales & Strategic Partnerships

  • Cheryl Hobbs

    Cheryl Hobbs

    Head of Broker Distribution

  • Sarah Douek

    Sarah Douek

    Head of US Cyber Underwriting

  • Mcauley Banning

    Mcauley Banning

    Production Underwriter

  • Marina Mosquera

    Marina Mosquera

    Senior Cyber / Tech Underwriter

  • Jared Lewis

    Jared Lewis

    Production Underwriter

  • Justin Uno

    Justin Uno

    Production Underwriter

  • Jorge Blanco

    Jorge Blanco

    Head of Engineering

  • Shishir Jain

    Shishir Jain

    Head of Engineering

  • Bjoern Zinssmeister

    Bjoern Zinssmeister

    Head of Risk Engineering

  • Fangyu Ding

    Fangyu Ding

    Engineering Director

  • Thomas Joyce

    Thomas Joyce

    Security & Compliance Lead

  • Alex Tomaszewski

    Alex Tomaszewski

    Head of Brand & Digital

  • Olivia Tomic

    Olivia Tomic

    Director of Brand & Digital

  • Sarah Madden

    Sarah Madden

    Growth Marketing & Content Lead

  • Felipe Diaz

    Felipe Diaz

    Head of PMO and Programs Controller

  • Haydn Zhang

    Haydn Zhang

    Partnership Acceleration Lead

  • Alfiia Khannanova

    Alfiia Khannanova

    Cyber and Technology Underwriter

  • Hsiang-Ling Tseng

    Hsiang-Ling Tseng

    Underwriting and Operations Technician

  • Vira Svirhun

    Vira Svirhun

    Business Development Associate

  • Prashant Rao

    Prashant Rao

    Sales Consultant

  • Pedram Fardnia

    Pedram Fardnia

    Data & Analytics Lead

  • Ambika Avasthi

    Ambika Avasthi

    Operations Manager

  • Deepti Bhawarthi

    Deepti Bhawarthi

    Business System Analyst

  • Sarthak Singh

    Sarthak Singh

    Assistant Controller

  • Javier Canela

    Javier Canela

    Product Owner

  • Johnny Endrizzi

    Johnny Endrizzi


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More facts about BOXX

BOXX exists to make your digital world safer. We will continuously provide our customers the most effective combination of cyber threat prediction, prevention, response, recovery and insurance coverage; so they can live their lives and run their businesses without cyber worry.

We’re a digital age insurer built to help businesses and families stay ahead of cyber insurance threats and provide the best, simplest and most reassuring insurance experience we can. We are aiming for zero paperwork and instant everything. We offer hassle-free business, and cyber insurance products in Canada and around the world. BOXX is a fully licensed Managing General Agent and Lloyd’s of London coverholder which means that we underwrite, price, and sell policies, as well as manage renewals and partnerships.

Traditional insurance companies respond once there has been a claims incident. BOXX was built differently. At BOXX, our goal is for you to never had an incident by providing with you education, security tools and managed services to reduce your chances of being hit. In the event you are compromised, unlike traditional insurers who may take some time to respond to you, BOXX has a tech team available 24/7 to answer and respond to your emergency call. This way, our customers enjoy amazing insurance, have access to services that we’ve already vetted and society, as a whole gets a little digitally safe.

BOXX keeps a fixed percentage from the premiums we collect. This pays for developing cool tech, running an insurance business (including salaries, rent, and expenses), and hopefully making some profit. As a fully digital business, we can operate at a lower cost than traditional insurers which means we can share those savings with our clients. BOXX is a fully licensed and approved Lloyd’of London coverholder which means that we underwrite, price, and sell policies, as well as handle renewals and administration.  We take a flat fee from all premiums paid by our customers, and use the that money to run our business. The remaining amount of premium is used by our insurance backers to pay for claims and the cost of their capital.

BOXX Insurance Inc is a privately owned company with its head office in Toronto, Canada. BOXX Inc. is the parent company for a subsidiary company in Singapore.

BOXX policies are primarily sold through insurance brokers or partners. With certain plans, Business customers can also download the app in order to manage their policy, get help from our team, and file claims.

We currently offer cyber insurance for businesses and consumers. We’re constantly working on new and exciting products and features. We recommend following us across Social Media channels to get updates about new stuff as it becomes available.

Our insurance partners are. These are the companies that pay our claims. Some of the biggest insurers in the world and well known brands are backing BOXX. Names like Munich Re and Hartford Steam Boiler back BOXX’s policies, in addition to the world renowned Lloyd’s of London.

BOXX is available across Canada and the USA.  We also have some exclusive products in collaboration with Zurich Insurance in Europe and South America.  In India, we help cyber-protect their customers. For everyone else – we’re coming soon, so stay tuned for updates.

If you have a BOXX policy, click here to get in touch. Otherwise, you can always get in touch with our team through the insurance broker or partner you purchased the policy through.

We highly value and respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy). We will never sell your information, or share it with anyone except for the purposes of providing our services and promoting our business.

Data breaches are a global problem which is why we are global too

BOXX Insurance has offices across the world, ready to assist you.


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