Grow your career in cyber insurance

The future of your career is yours to shape. At BOXX we are a group of passionate and curious people building cyber insurance solutions and technologies to increase the digital safety of businesses and consumers — and we're just getting started.

Outsmarting cyber risk together

We make the digital world safer through affordable cyber insurance and security solutions. Our mission is to support individuals, families, and small businesses to stay secure online.

Could you be part of our growing team?

We’re not just a clean-up crew. Unlike traditional cyber insurers, we help customers avoid a digital crisis before it can strike. We offer prevention training, monitoring and Hackbusters™ support to help our customers identify and mitigate cyber risks. And if an attack does happen, we move quickly to resolve the issue. Our 3-hour recovery target and comprehensive insurance cover puts our customers at ease. We’ve got their backs.

Our cultural philosophies

Each office has its own diverse culture, but we come together around a shared set of philosophies. Our ethos guides how we work together, tackle challenges and grow our business to best serve our customers.
If these ideas resonate with you, BOXX could be a great fit.

  • We Always Play to Win

    We want to work with hugely capable teammates who are deeply passionate about being with BOXX and what we are trying to accomplish.

  • We Live in the Shoes of Our Customers

    We want people to treat others the way we’d all want to be treated in their position I.e. customers, partners and teammates. Everyone plays an important part.

  • We Build for the Long Term

    Building value to our customers sometimes means making some tough choices. People who succeed at BOXX are above average in GQ (grit quotient).

Current openings

We’re looking for creative innovators who share our passion and want to craft cyber security and insurance protection for all.

BOXX is special because of the amazing people that work here. My mentors and role models really support and inspire me to grow everyday. Alex TomaszewskiHead of Brand & Digital

We’re waiting to
hear from you

If you have what it takes to join our growing team at BOXX, get in touch. We accept applicants from all over the world!

Data breaches are a global problem which is why we are global too

BOXX Insurance has offices across the world, ready to assist you.