We’re here to help you recover from a cyber incident

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our Hackbusters™ incident response team is here to take action with if you have a cyber insurance claim.

What happens next?

When there’s something bad, and it doesn’t look good, who will you call? Hackbusters™... Complete cyber claims response involves so much more than just paying for damages.

BOXX Hackbusters will also:

  • Contain the Breach

  • Re-Secure the Network

  • Address Legal Issues

  • Conduct Full Investigation

Our Hackbusters™ response team

Our cyber claims incident responders are available 24/7. We investigate breaches quickly and aim to resolve your issues within the crucial first three hours. Speak with your broker or contact the Hackbusters™.

Good hackers, bad hackers and the ugly cyber tales to stay aware of and protect yourself

Get the latest big stories and our own case studies of white hat hackers (the good), black hat hackers (the bad) and their unwitting victims (the ugly). In every story, we’ll share gory details but also provide clear hints and tips for you, your family and your team to prevent similar bad things from happening.

Hacker Stories Spear-phishing: What is it? What to do?

Spear-phishing: What is it? What to do?

In a cyber incident reported to us last week, a senior employee in the insured’s finance department discovered their email address had been compromised; when a phishing email was broadcast from their email address to their entire contact list.

Hacker Stories How insurance brokers can prevent wire transfer fraud

How insurance brokers can prevent wire transfer fraud

We’ve seen a pick up in costly fraudulent wire transfers. All businesses must accept the fact that at some point their systems or networks will very likely experience an unauthorized intrusion of some kind.


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