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Hackers and online scams

Few Canadians were spared from the national outage experienced on Friday July 8th. Adding insult to injury, savvy hackers are using this outrage to their advantage.

Scam text messages claiming to offer credits have recently been targeting many Canadian customers, attempting to trick individuals while in an emotionally charged state. A company is never going to hide an offer or credit. Messages like these might require extra time to verify, but by doing so saves you endless problems in the long run.

Don’t let yourself be fooled!

Remember to always be vigilant online with our following top ten tips:

1. Be aware of fake emails.

Always navigate through your known safe bookmarks to your account if you suspect an unsolicited email or text might be legitimate.

2. Make sure the name and the email address are consistent.

Check that the email is originating from the real sender. Some characters can be slightly altered, going undetected upon quick view.

3. Be aware of attachments.

Scan them before opening. They can include malware.

4.Be aware of criminals using trusted organizations branding.

Fake emails can include brand logos and imitate well-designed branded web pages. Remember to check domain names.

5. Be suspicious of messages that contain urgent action requests.

Hackers know we are most vulnerable when we are emotionally charged or feeling rushed. Try to be extra cautious while in this state of mind.


Additionally, remember when online:

  1. Be careful about sharing your confidential information. Legitimate organizations will never ask to share sensitive information by email.

  2. Keep your browser updated.

  3. Be careful what you post on social media.

  4. Be aware that malicious links can be posted on social media.

  5. Stay updated and informed about phishing attacks.

Ask your broker how BOXX Insurance and our flagship product, Cyberboxx, can protect you, your family, and your business from a savvy hacker attack.

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