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How to cyber protect WFH employees

Protecting employees in the new age of work-from-anywhere is the new HR challenge. In this blog, we share how one Canadian HR team stepped up to the challenge with Cyberboxx Employee Edition.

This time last year, when close to 50 percent of employees began commuting to their kitchen tables and newly arranged home office nooks, few believed they’d still be there now, a year later. And yet, here we are and the future may look pretty similar.

The big question looming in many HR teams and leaders’ minds alike is, what does it all mean for the future of work? Some argue that the great work-from-home experiment of 2020 will lead to the end of offices forever. Others say the last year, in fact, proved we need offices for the collaboration, the creativity, and simply the excuse to get out of the house they provide.

What do the experts say?

Employee Engagement – Creating new ways to acquire and retain talent

We asked this question to Bishara Rizek, a partner and member of BDO’s Pension and Benefits Industry Group and active member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. He said “setting aside the task of predicting the future, HR teams can be certain of one thing: as more employees settle in to working remotely, they will need to increasingly make employees feel they are set up for success and can sustain it. This goes beyond the immediately obvious, like helping employees defray expenses for home office costs.”

Productivity – Creating new moves in the HR playbook

Engagement with employees working remotely requires a shift in style for HR leaders who may have spent most of their careers seeing their people do their jobs at ‘work’. Same with performance measures. For instance, when Siemens made an announcement in July outlining how its teams would incorporate remote work two to three days per week as the new normal, CEO Roland Busch went out of his way to say that the new model required a different way of measuring employee performance: The company would focus on outcomes instead of time logged-in.

Refreshing Employee Benefits for the new normal

As more employees and their loved ones get used to working, shopping and studying from home, their exposure to digital threats is multiplied many times over. Brian Day, executive at Financial Services firm FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada, saw the opportunity to step up as an employer to help employees adjust to the new normal. “There’s the juggling of kids and work for a large percentage of our employee base but not for everyone.” He was clear that one consistent headache and concern for employees was being hacked at home. “In particular, team members of all demographics understood that their biggest unprotected risk was the loss of income and their safety online and that they needed to protect it.”

Helping Employees close their digital risk gap at home

To help employees close this new risk gap, FIRST Insurance Funding teamed up with BOXX and their insurance broker to create an employee wellness benefit that gives their employees access to a specialist incident response team in the event of a cyber incident, in addition to insurance coverage for a broad range of digital threats – from online fraud and cyber ransom through to damage to devices and data breach liability.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Cyberboxx Employee Edition. Winning and keeping employees hearts and minds is vital as we come out of this pandemic and enter this new world of working anywhere. Ensuring their digital safety at home seems like an easy and affordable place to start.

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