At BOXX, our purpose is to make the digital world a safer place and this includes sustainability – key issues that are pertinent to our business – climate, digital and financial resilience – also contribute to BOXX’s values to support human progress using technology.

From offering our expertise, products and services to helping build more digitally resilient communities, to advancing the understanding and response to the accelerating dependency on digital platforms, our approach to sustainability is the same as our approach to business; constantly seeking to provide smart and sustainable solutions to the world’s everyday challenges.

At BOXX, we believe that acting responsibly is central to moving the world forward. We have developed a comprehensive approach that integrates environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into our everyday working processes and green targets.

We have identified the following key themes in our approach to sustainability:

Equal opportunity employment

  • BOXX Insurance is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t tolerate discrimination against protected characteristics (gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran status.) We want all employees (including executives and HR) to treat others with respect and professionalism. In practice, this means that we:
  • Hire and promote people based on skills, experience or potential and try to reduce bias in every process (e.g. through structured interviews.)
  • Make accommodations to help people with disabilities move about safely on our premises and use our products, services and equipment.
  • Use inclusive, diversity-sensitive language in all official documents, signs and job ads.
  • Conduct diversity and communication training on an as-needed basis.

Supporting the transition and development of a digital society

  • Together we are centered around one goal: helping the world be digitally safer. We help businesses and families stay ahead of cyber threats.
  • Unlike traditional insurance, we help customers avoid a digital crisis as well as being there to help them respond and recover from one.
  • Through our Digital Safety Leadership programs we work to support regulatory bodies, governments, digital communities, partners and customers to improve digital security through increasing risk awareness, mitigation and insurance programs.

Work sustainability

  • We build products and technology to increase the safety and sustainability of businesses and consumers being online.
  • Our operating practices are digital end-to-end which reduces waste and drives efficiency, simplicity and enables superior performance for our customers and faster and easier integration for our partners.

Reducing impact on the environment

  • We strive to reduce our footprint on natural resources which is reflected in our company policies (including working from home as our preferred model, utilizing shared office space only in key locations where needed, Bring Your Own Devices) and are committed to help reduce our environmental footprint.
  • As the need for reforestation is global, we invest in the world’s beautiful and diverse landscape. We plant a tree with every insurance policy we issue, and for every flight we take on behalf of BOXX in association with