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Cyber protection when cyber insurance isn't an option

Cyberboxx Assist™ protects against the rising threats of cyberattacks with its combination of cyber protection, prevention and recovery solutions for your business.

How Cyberboxx Assist helps you

Cyberboxx Assist provides you with tools, resources and support essential for businesses and independent professionals to establish cyber resiliency. It can also help customers establish eligibility for cyber insurance, putting them on a path to a stronger cyber security strategy.


    ✓ See what Hackers see
    ✓ "Hacker Chatter" alerts
    ✓ External monitoring through your domain
    ✓ Internal network compromise and vulnerability assessment
    ✓ Dark web monitoring


    ✓ Preferred rates for services and solutions
    ✓ BOXX Academy cyber awareness training & testing
    ✓ vCISO review of your scan and hacker chatter
    ✓ Unlimited access to our infosec policy templates


    ✓ 24/7 preferred access to the HackbustersTM Incident Response Team
    ✓ Preferred access to our breach response partners
    ✓ Compliance assistance & policy frameworks


    ✓ Incident response credit or credits
    ✓ vCISO breach response manager
    ✓ Access to an extended team of experts at preferential pricing
    ✓ Final report wrap-up/recommendations

Cyber Resiliency packaged for
small businesses and independent professionals


Entry-level protection:

  • vCISO Advisory Service Dedicated time with our vCISO to discuss any concerns or provide guidance and advice on any technical / security items
  • BOXX Academy Cyber Awareness Training Training tools to help your users be aware of common security practices and threats
  • Initial & Preferred Breach Response Immediate connection to cyber security experts and our bespoke breach services team
  • Compliance Assistance Access to policy and security frameworks
  • Access to Extended Team of Experts Engage with our extended cyber security and breach response teams at preferential pricing


  • See What Hackers See Weakness-scanning of your domain and public facings IPs every 3 -7 days to determine vulnerabilities
  • vCISO Reviews Our vCISO will interpret the results of your scans and any hacker chatter to improve your security
  • One-Time Incident Response Credit Get credit to offset the impact of a breach
  • Final Report Wrap-Up vCISO recommendations for further improvement of security posture


  • Hacker Chatter Alerts Get alerts on Dark Web mentions of your company or technology you use
  • External Monitoring Through Your Domain See what cybercriminals see when they scan your domain
  • Broader Dark Web Monitoring Scans for mentions of your company or industry and we alert you of pending or ongoing attacks

Cyberboxx Assist can be implemented immediately with no technical integration and is available 24/7.
Choose one of three plans to suit your clients’ needs.

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