All-in-one cyber insurance and protection for small business

The most effective combination of threat prediction, breach protection and cyber insurance coverage for small businesses. Virtual CISO option available.

Outsmart current and future cyber threats with Cyberboxx and risks while you focus on what you do best running your business. Let our cyber insurance and protection services for small businesses do the worrying and work related to hackers, phishing, viruses, customer information security and so much more.

  • Digital Health Tracker for Your Company

    Deep, continuous, insights into digital risk and resilience levels; like a smartwatch to track & boost a company’s digital health.

  • Cyber Security Trainings for Employees

    Designed to protect you and your employees from digital crime and threats targeting your business.

  • Virtual CISO at Your Service

    Get big-company information security staffing without the salary. Our experts become your information security operation.

  • Hackbusters: Your Response Team

    BOXX Hackbusters™ are breach response experts who contain cyber incidents and can re-secure your network if needed.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Continuously detect threats against your company on the dark web. Identify exposed data, and mitigate & eliminate threats.

  • Complete Cyber Insurance Coverage Backed by Lloyd's and other global insurers

    All-in-one Cyber Insurance for small business focuses on PREDICTING and PREVENTING, but when you need to make a cyber insurance claim, you’re covered by the best.

Cyber Insurance Plans
for Small Business

We recommend speaking with your broker or a Cyberboxx Expert,
to determine the plan and coverage that’s exactly right for your business.

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Protection Services


Different businesses face different cyber threats. Protect yours with our cyber services to match your business’s unique needs.

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