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Employees need a masterclass in cyber security

As children return to school this week, many parents are heading back to their place of work.

Looking at recent published statistics in the “2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report” by Osterman Research and MediaPRO, it’s screaming out that many employees could benefit from a masterclass in digital safety or at least a refresher.

One of the eye-watering stats in the report was 43% of employees are not aware that clicking a suspicious link or opening an unknown attachment in an email is likely to lead to a malware infection! This shows how many employees still haven’t grasped the importance of digital safety, jeopardizing your clients’ business future as well as their own.

Cybersecurity’s people problem

43% of employees are not aware that clicking a suspicious link or opening an unknown attachment in an email is likely to lead to a malware infection.

1 in 4 believe it’s acceptable to use a personal cloud server to transfer work from home as long as the cloud service performs a preemptive virus scan.

48% of malicious email attachments are Microsoft Office files, often disguised as an invoice or receipt.

1 in 3 believe that not securing their laptop or mobile devices with a password represents little to no security risk.

39% say it’s a good idea to reply to a potential social engineering attempt, asking for clarification or information from the possible scammer. And yet…

59% are not fully confident they could identify a social engineering attack.

24% believe it’s safe to download third-party mobile apps that don’t access corporate data.

Source: TechTarget

Opening a booby-trapped attachment can create a coverage nightmare!

There are a lot of firms that let employees loose at a desktop with no security training or guidance. As explained in earlier blogs, employees are the first and last line of defence, and in all too many claims, we see those defences to have failed and cyber coverage not to have been in place.

Being hit by a cyber attack can be a hard lesson. Learn to spot the scams.

At BOXX, we have long been fans of businesses being proactive and training their staff on what we call ‘digital safety training’. The most valuable outcome of a good employee security awareness program is reducing the risk of a crippling cyber attack. The positive statistics for doing this are impressive. Some reports say that boosting your employees knowledge on digital risks can reduce the risk of your firm being hacked by up to 50%.

Employee training doesn’t need to cost the earth.

As you know by now, BOXX’s accredited and certificated employee awareness training program is available for free with our Cyberboxx insurance policy. Close to 1000 employees have enrolled in one of our programs. The BOXX Academy is accredited by RIBO and IIROC so can also help colleagues and clients accumulate professional education credits.

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