Employee Cyber Awareness Training

Strengthen your human firewall and raise cyber awareness across your organization.

Strengthen your human firewall. Raise cyber security awareness.

The BOXX Academy helps Cyberboxx™ members reduce the chances of a cyber attack through employee awareness training. When they join the Academy your employees will learn key information through easy-to-digest videos and interactive material. We also offer refresher modules to those already in the know, to keep cyber security front of mind.

Features include:

  • Training relevant to existing knowledge of cyber security

    Concise, relevant, and regular to save time and reinforce key messages. Quick paced to help combat training fatigue and gives employees the knowledge and skills to deal with ever-changing cyber security threats.

  • Test understanding and track employee progress

    Check your employees understand the content, with short tests at the end of each module. Check each employee’s progress through the learning management area and create standard or custom progress reports.

  • A hassle-free experience​ for your entire team

    Access The BOXX Academy on any device. Short and concise learning modules and instructional videos to engage your team. Complete the training at a time and place that suits.

Is your business leaving the door open for hackers?

Most cyber security incidents are down to human error. Simple actions like clicking a phishing link, accessing insecure sites or using obvious Pa$$word123s can all open the door to hackers. Employee behaviour in particular is responsible for more than two-thirds of all cyber attacks.

Your people could be your greatest cyber security risk, but they can could also be your greatest defence. You can reduce the threat significantly by providing the right cyber security awareness training to every employee.

Give your staff the information security training they need to prevent cyber risks and protect your business. The BOXX Academy training, tracking and assessment program is suitable for all sizes of business, and your staff can fit training around their work.

The BOXX Academy Modules Include:

Your far-reaching defence against cyber security threats

Our experts are up-to-date with all the tactics, trip-ups, tricks and techniques used by hackers to exploit your sensitive information and breach your security.

We’ll teach your team what risk looks like. From the more obvious to the super-sneaky scams, we’ll give your team all the knowledge they need to help predict and prevent cyber threats to your business.

Details on how to access the BOXX Academy are included in the documents provided to new or renewing Cyberboxx™ members.

Cyber Tips Cyber security employee training

Cyber security employee training

The argument for educating employees on cyber security is simple: if employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid it, report it, or remove it?


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