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Respond to and resolve business cyber incidents quickly with our expert Hackbusters™ team.

Resolve cyber incidents quickly with our 24/7 breach response services

Cyber attacks can cripple a business. And over 65% of businesses attacked never recover. That’s why you need protection.

Hackers don’t just work a 9-5. In fact, they target at times when you have let your guard down. On weekends, late at night and during holidays. The first hours of an attack and how you respond can make all the difference.

That’s why Cyberboxx has dedicated cyber incident responders available 24/7. We investigate data breaches quickly and aim to resolve your issues within the crucial first three hours, whatever time of day (or night) a breach notification comes in.

  • Complete Cyber Incident Response

    From investigation to crisis management, our Hackbusters™ help resolve all aspects of cyber breaches using industry-leading expertise. We’ll contain the threat and recover your data, securing any compromised assets. Consider us your Cyber-911 emergency service.

  • Industry-Leading Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Our Hackbusters™ have industry-leading threat intelligence, giving them the edge. They understand attacker motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) hackers could use against you. They’re expertly qualified to help prevent damage to your business.

  • 24/7 Incident Response Coverage

    Hackers don’t work a 9-5, and neither do our Hackbusters™. Our 24/7 coverage gives you peace of mind. You’re seamlessly protected, whatever time of day a threat or cyber incident happens. We’ll get to work quickly to identify and neutralize the threat, so your business impact is minimalized.

  • Crisis Management

    When you log an incident, you’ll speak with our breach response team. They keep cool in a crisis, thanks to years of experience supporting customers in difficult situations.

  • Rapid Response

    Response speed is critical to containment and damage limitation. Our Hackbusters™ can start work to rapidly analyze your entire network for signs of malicious activity in the vital first few hours.

  • Frontline Expertise

    From cyber espionage to crippling network attacks, the Hackbusters™ know how to quickly find what was compromised, and how. They’ll assess the pathway to your cyber attack and fix the breach so you can keep on working.

  • Hands-On Support

    We’ll provide hands-on keyboard support to help you implement our recommended fixes. We’ll help you get back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll also help you predict and prevent future risks.

  • Purpose-Built Technology

    We can deploy purpose-built technology, network sensors, analytics platforms and more, on-site or in the cloud. Save time and money using only the technology you need, with the speed and convenience of cloud accessibility.

Breach response services with
Hackbusters™ cyber security team

In the last 12 months, BOXX Insurance successfully resolved over 85% of clients’ reported cyber incidents within the first 3 hours of being notified. We’ve saved our clients the time, money and stress of processing a claim.

Our expert Hackbusters™ use industry-leading threat intelligence and technology to help you protect your business. We understand the existing and emerging threats hackers pose, and we’re wise to their rapidly changing techniques.

We’ll support you with everything from technical response to crisis management. Our breach response team will restore your IT, so you can get back to what you do best: taking care of business.

Whether you have 10 or 100,000 endpoints, our Hackbusters™ incident response services will get you back up and running in a matter of hours. We’ll analyze your networks for malicious activity and fix any issues to minimize business interruption. Rest assured, we’ll also look at ways you can prevent future security breaches.

Your own Hackbusters™|
An Introduction

Our Hackbusters™ Commonly Investigate:

Stop cyber criminals before an attack can be launched

Many companies allow their staff to work remotely. While it’s great for morale and work-life balance, remote working can increase the risk of security incidents. Having staff working from home can leave your cyber security exposed, opening the door for hackers to access your, and your employees’, private information.

Few companies have cyber specialists on staff. If you come under attack, response speed and expertise make all the difference to your IT recovery. With BOXX you have trained professionals on side to help you fix issues safely and swiftly.

You can help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by providing all staff with Employee Cyber Awareness Training with the BOXX Academy. Knowledge and vigilance can help you prevent some attacks, but it’s impossible to predict all the ever-changing threats to your cyber security. That’s why an efficient incident response is needed to protect your business.

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5 crisis communications tips that work

Those that have been confronted with this reality realize that responding to a cyber attack is very different from other types of corporate crisis – strong and clear communication from the front line becomes vital.


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