Virtual CISO

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Add a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to your team. Your in-house security team at a fraction of the cost.

Fully customizable information security services

Access the latest tools and expertise in cyber security without expensive hardware or permanent management personnel. vCISO services include:

  • Advising

    Tired of cookie-cutter information security advice? Our vCISO has decades of security experience in multiple industries. They know how to fit complex technology solutions into modest budgets. Our team will get to know how your business operates, then determine highest value areas to start. You'll get a practical plan for closing vulnerabilities. We'll deliver a full-scale information security program that keeps your data protected against cyber threats–while you stay focused on your business goals (and wear one less hat at the office).

    ✓ Vulnerability assessment
    ✓ Regulatory compliance review
    ✓ Third-party (vendor) reviews
    ✓ Incident response planning
    ✓ Security policy, process, and procedure development
    ✓ Security and technology strategy

  • Management

    Get expert eyes on your network and keep them there with 24/7 monitoring and support. Our team of cyber security specialists provides end-to-end management for your entire IT infrastructure - so you can predict and prevent security breaches like the pros do with only a portion of the budget. Let your people focus on delivering value to your customers and leave the information security to us.

    ✓ Managed firewall
    ✓ Data backup and recovery
    ✓ Credit ID & monitoring
    ✓ Patching for servers and endpoints
    ✓ MS Office 365 onboarding
    ✓ Employee cyber training
    ✓ Identity restoration
    ✓ Networking and firewalls as a service

  • Reporting

    On average, companies take 287 days to identify and contain a data breach on their own. Know exactly when and how your security was threatened with real-time alerts. And get expert help informing affected stakeholders so you can stay compliant with evolving cyber regulations.

    ✓ Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
    ✓ Digital health & resilience tracking
    ✓ Endpoint and server managed patching

  • Remediation

    Working closely with internal and external stakeholders, we’ll close identified security gaps putting your business at risk. If a cyber incident occurs, the Hackbusters quickly neutralize the threat and get you back online in hours to prevent expensive downtime.

    ✓ 24/7 incident response team
    ✓ Targeted incident handling
    ✓ Access to top industry experts there to help you

The Hackbusters™:
Your professional incident response team.

Double your protection and resilience – if a breach occurs, the Hackbusters™ and your vCISO team up to respond fully, restore to normal, and eliminate similar vulnerabilities in the future.

The Hackbusters™ team provides everything you need “out of the boxx” to protect you from ransomware and other cyber threats with constant monitoring.

Your Own Hackbusters™:
An Introduction

Add a virtual Chief
Information Security
Officer to your team

Get the power of a full-time, in-house security team for a fraction of the cost. Our virtual CISO service makes implementing a comprehensive security plan possible for small to mid-sized businesses—and results in fewer cyber events and claims, leaving you safe and secure.

Complete cyber confidence is just a click away.

Schedule a consultation with our team to learn if vCISO services are right for you or your clients.

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