Cyber Insurance Coverage & Services

It's time for small businesses to be prepared with 24/7 cyber insurance protection and support from cyber security experts — just like the big guys.
No additional staff required.

Our Cyber Insurance Coverage for Businesses Includes:

The coverages listed above are for summary purposes only and subject to policy terms and conditions.

Cyber protection services include:

  • Virtual CISO

    Add a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to your team. Your in-house security team at a fraction of the cost.

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  • BOXX Mobile App: Cyber Insurance & Protection On-the-Go

    The cyber protection app to monitor, preserve and enhance your business’s digital health on-the-go.

  • Breach Response Services

    Respond to and resolve business cyber incidents quickly with our expert Hackbusters™ team.

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  • Employee Cyber Awareness Training

    Strengthen your human firewall and raise cyber awareness across your organization.

  • Managed Firewall & Monitoring Services

    Maintain your firewall and protect your network perimeter - BOXX provides professional-grade security firewall and monitoring services.

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  • Data Back-Up & Recovery

    Get professional data backup, protection and recovery services – 24/7 data safety and confidence.

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Partnering with the best in cyber insurance and protection

  • HSB
  • Zurich Global Ventures
  • Hiscox

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