BOXX Mobile App: Cyber Insurance & Protection On-the-Go

The cyber protection app to monitor, preserve and enhance your business’s digital health on-the-go.

Boost your cyber security,
even on-the-go.

Your data is exposed to online threats, no matter how many devices you have. The first step in data protection is to safeguard against system failure. Are you protected against fire and theft? If you lose your data, how quickly can you retrieve it? Can you even retrieve it at all? Insure your business against all forms of data loss with our cyber liability insurance.

Once you’re covered, keep an eye on the cyber security of your servers, applications, desktops and laptops from anywhere. You can monitor your existing backups and digital health direct in the BOXX Mobile app.

  • See the Invisible

    See blind-spots and make risk decisions quickly. It’s like x-ray vision for your digital health, with action at your fingertips.

  • Save Time and Money

    Find and fix vulnerabilities faster, to minimize your risk. Our analytics and support will help you prevent any problems. We’ll also answer questions you have about your rating.

  • Boost Data Privacy Compliance

    Get deep, continuous insight to reduce the risk of costly privacy breaches. We’ll help you identify risks and neutralize them. Use BOXX to ensure you’re data privacy compliant.

What kind of information
does the BOXX Score collect?

Your BOXX Score helps your business get a fair understanding of your cyber risk and digital health. Don’t worry, we only share the information with the data companies who provide the services. Your information won’t be sold or shared with anyone else. The information we collect can help you predict risks, prevent attacks and build a more resilient business.

Cyberboxx Business |
The BOXX Score

Your Score is Based on Four Main Types of Data

Increase your cyber security in four simple steps

  1. Your Website Address

    Starting with your website address, our analysts build a core profile of your company. We identify your internet-facing assets including systems, networks, and domains.

  2. Analyze Security Criteria

    Next, we analyze your company and systems against proven risk indicators and compare your security performance against other companies. We use 100 sources across the globe to look at malicious activity, social chatter, vulnerabilities, and configuration diligence.

  3. BOXX Score Rating

    Finally, analysts boil down the complex data into a simple score rating, using a letter scale of A to F.

  4. Profile Complete

    That’s all it takes. You can start tracking your company’s digital health immediately.

Protection Services

For Business

Different businesses face different cyber threats. Protect yours with services that match your business’s unique needs.

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