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Respond to and resolve cyber incidents at home quickly with our expert Hackbusters™ team.

Protect What Matters Most With Our 24/7 Breach Response Service

In the event of a breach, the BOXX Hackbusters™ incident response is your safety net to recover and restore your family’s personal, financial and private information.

  • Complete Cyber Incident Response

    From investigation to crisis management, the Hackbusters™ help resolve all aspects of a cyber breaches with industry-leading expertise, to containment and recovery.

  • Industry-leading Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Industry-leading threat intelligence gives investigators the edge, helping understand attacker motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers they use.

  • 24/7 Incident Response Coverage

    After-hours coverage provided by the Hackbusters™ for peace of mind that you are seamlessly protected 24/7 during investigation and remediation.

Cyber-protect your home and family

More of your data is being stored in the cloud than ever before. Every online interaction you and your family make is a transfer of information – your data can be exposed through any of your devices, on any platform.

Cyberboxx Home™ uses industry-leading threat intelligence and technology to help protect your home and personal life. We understand the existing and emerging threats hackers pose, and we’re wise to their rapidly changing techniques.

We analyze your networks for malicious activity, restore data, fix any issues and look at ways you can prevent future security breaches. In the last 12 months, BOXX Insurance successfully resolved over 85% of customers’ resported cyber incidents within the first 3 hours of being notified.

Cyberboxx™ | Your own Hackbusters: Introduction

Find out what it takes to cyber-protect

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Stop cyber criminals BEFORE a ransomware attack is even launched

Many companies allow their staff to work remotely that amplifies their risk. The demand on their I.T. team is also that much higher.

Few companies have cyber specialists on staff.And, if they outsource their I.T., the MSP provider that maintains their technology may not have the time, skills, or objectivity needed to identify security flaws, understand the organization’s risk level, or help address and fix critical issues.

Whether you are an individual or a business, see why an efficient incident response is needed.

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Give your family the right set of protection services they need to increase your home’s cyber resilience.

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