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Get professional data backup, protection and recovery services – 24/7 data safety and confidence.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of insure

Cyber attacks are an ever-growing risk in an evolving technological landscape. Malware, hacker, phishing, and cyber criminals can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

The threat of cyber-attacks demands the smartest and most responsive security.

Hackbusters™ use advanced tools, technologies, and expertise to defend and secure your data from people with malicious intent. You’ll get peace of mind knowing your data is protected, and for a much smaller investment than hiring your own security team.

  • With You Wherever You Are

    Protect your clients’ critical data on local servers, end-user computers, or in SaaS applications.

  • 24/7 Monitoring And Protection

    Back up of your files, folders, emails, applications, and servers — physical or virtual. We’ve got you covered.

  • Compliance And Best Practice

    Achieve the data management best practices in your industry with our dedicated support.

  • Specialized Security Experts

    Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for unlimited data restoration and back up support.

What cyber insurance protects

Data could be the most important asset in your business. Your information, your clients’ information – it’s priceless. And, just as priceless is the trust your customers have in you to safeguard their data. Like all assets, data must be secured. That’s where Cyberboxx excels.

Cyberboxx, powered by our expert Hackbusters™, protects you from the consequences of a catastrophic system failure. Complete data loss happens in events such as fire, theft, and software corruption.

As well as protection from accidental damage, our Hackbusters™ team secures your systems from risk of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and network vulnerabilities. Without our protection, your data may be lost forever.

Shield your servers, data, and devices from any disaster by directly backing up everything into our secure cloud storage. If your business is hit by a major incident, you can focus on the priorities while we recover your data and protect your identity.

Take action to prevent data loss

Our Hackbusters™ team will ensure your backups are monitored, encrypted, tested, and ready when you need them. Protect from data loss on all platforms, including applications, databases, servers, and endpoints.

Your data is secured with incremental back- ups, automated to save information at multiple times a day, capturing any updates and changes your team makes. These back- ups are then replicated and saved in multiple geographical locations, further protecting your data from system failures.

Our industry- leading systems keep your data constantly safe with no need for human intervention, preventing the risk of human error.

If the worst happens, and your business faces a catastrophic system failure, you can reach our experts 24/7. Your data can be restored, and backups recovered, anytime, anywhere.

Your Professional-Grade Cyber Response Team

Hackbusters™: Professional-grade incident response. Only from BOXX Insurance.

Hackbusters™ provides big-business cyber response services for smaller businesses. They also investigate and resolve incidents of IP Theft, Insider Threats, Financial Crime and more. When teamed up with our vCISO team, they form a combination that makes cyber criminals tremble.

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Cyber Tales Data backup – what Canadians need to know

Data backup – what Canadians need to know

Backing up your data and systems can save your business thousands of dollars and hours of precious time.


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Different businesses face different cyber threats. Protect yours with services that match your business’s unique needs.

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