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Maintain your firewall and protect your network perimeter - BOXX provides professional-grade security firewall and monitoring services.

Small businesses, big threats

Our Managed Firewall and Monitoring Services combine advanced perimeter defence technology with qualified, dedicated security specialists.

We specialize in supporting small businesses and organizations who face significant cyber threats. Often, smaller businesses do not have the resources to adequately protect from all potential cyber-attacks. We will help you design a bespoke plan based on your needs, meaning you don’t have to invest in costly hardware, employ IT professionals, or manage cyber threats alone.

Cyberboxx services include industry-leading tools, technologies, and expertise to defend and secure your data. 24/7 support at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

  • Secure Your Network Perimeter

    Your managed firewall will protect your small business from threats and attacks by experienced security experts using technology.

  • Addressing Compliance and Vendor Requirements

    We’ll prepare your organization to meet compliance or vendor requirements with bespoke options for smaller firms.

  • Balancing Security and Business Needs

    Allow your IT team to work on your business and allow us to protect your business.

  • Industry-Leading Security Experts

    Our security team provide the advice and services you require, and you only pay for the expertise you need.

Maintain your firewall, protect your network perimeter

Today’s evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive cyber security.

Cyberboxx Managed Firewall and Monitoring Services keep your business safe from cyber incidents. Our security specialists monitor for threats and abnormal activity; alert all appropriate parties of a potential incident; and contain and eradicate threats.

You can reach us 24 hours a day. If your business is threatened or attacked, we’ll manage the incident on your behalf. Our experts will assess the threat, isolate segments of your network or malware excision, and repair any damage, until your systems are secure and safe again.

Peace of mind with managed firewall & monitoring services

Employing full-time, qualified cyber security professionals is beyond the reach of most businesses, meaning they don’t have the protection they really need. BOXX Insurance changes that. 

You’ll have a team of cyber security experts to monitor and manage your network 24/7/365.

BOXX Insurance combines advanced network perimeter defence technology with human expertise. Our Managed Firewall Services consistently respond to the evolving threat landscape.

Included Features

Hackbusters™: Professional-grade incident response. Only from BOXX Insurance.

Hackbusters™ provides big-business cyber response services for smaller businesses. They also investigate and resolve incidents of IP Theft, Insider Threats, Financial Crime and more. When teamed up with our vCISO team, they form a combination that makes cyber criminals tremble.

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Different businesses face different cyber threats. Protect yours with services that match your business’s unique needs.

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