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Cyber protection and insurance for individuals and families is a cinch with Cyberboxx. Get your household cyber-covered like the pros.

Our Cyber Insurance Home Coverage Includes:

The cyber insurance coverages listed above are for summary purposes only and subject to policy terms and conditions.

Services include:

  • BOXX Cyber Protect App: Cyber Security for your Whole Family

    The app that helps you and every family member monitor and protect your digital wellbeing.

  • Breach Response Services

    Respond to and resolve cyber incidents at home quickly with our expert Hackbusters™ team.

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  • Credit & Identity Monitoring

    Protect your credit and insure against identity theft with the combined power of BOXX and Equifax.

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  • Identity Restoration After ID Theft

    Protect and restore your identity after any breach. Tools, support and coverage to help you stay you.


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  • Online Safety for Kids

    Help kids, teenagers and other family members stay safe when they use the Internet.

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What is personal cyber insurance?

Personal cyber insurance attacks are on the rise, and new personal cyber insurance options are available for consumers and families.

Cyber Tips

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Tax season can be a stressful time for many Canadians and while scams are prevalent year-round, there is often a greater proliferation during tax time. Hackers are waiting for you to slip up so they can steal your personal information, money and identity.


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