BOXX Cyber Protect App: Cyber Security for your Whole Family

The app that helps you and every family member monitor and protect your digital wellbeing.

Protect what matters most

In a world of selfies, social media and digital avatars the line between our online and real-world lives has never been blurrier. The BOXX Cyber Protect app keeps your family’s personal, sensitive and private information secure while you’re online.

* This is an optional subscription-based service. Additional fees may apply.

  • Protect Personal Information On-the-Go

    Continuous protection for the whole family while they browse, bank or shop online.

  • VPN and Password Manager Features Included

    Members get two of the most important cyber event prevention tools included, simplifying the entire family’s approach to digital safety.

  • Keep Everybody’s Devices Protected

    Parents get administrator access including event notifications and the ability to set time limits and bedtime.

Always-on protection and monitoring through your own mobile app. Protect your most confidential information and precious memories.

It’s scary to think what important information you’ve got stored digitally. A cyber attack could target your:

  • financial information like credit cards and account numbers
  • birth certificates and passport details
  • private emails
  • banking transactions including what you’ve been buying and where
  • credit scores and social security numbers
  • dates of birth, ID numbers and addresses

Along with irreplaceable memories like photos of your loved ones growing up, or videos of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

You’re exposed to cyber threats every time you open an app, browser or email. Hackers love to find digital loopholes to get all up in your personal business. They work 24/7 to find and use your information. A ransomware attack could be used to extort your money. Malware could clone your identity. Sometimes hackers rummage around your digital drawers just because they can.

Don’t let criminals get their hands on your data. Use BOXX Cyber Protect to, you guessed it, protect your cyber world.

App Features

Secure your devices and protect yourself & your family with BOXX Cyber Protect

We protect you with award-winning Internet security by combining dark web monitoring and human intelligence. BOXX Cyber Protect will predict threats and prevent them from impacting your life. And if you do have a data breach, we’ll give you expert advice on how to retrieve and protect different kinds of personal information.

Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Cyber Insurance 101 You can insure your kids against cyberbullies.

You can insure your kids against cyberbullies.

As the world shows its increasing commitment towards a truly inclusive society, there is the need to do the same online, and create a safe place for all – without the fear of personal threats, harassment, or abuse.


Protection Services

For Home

Give your family the right set of protection services they need to increase your home’s cyber resilience.

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