Cyberboxx Home

Cyber insurance
and protection
for homes and families

Predict threats, prevent breaches and insure against cyber events at home. Feel more relaxed, safe and confident about family (digital) life.

Spend time with family and enjoy real life,
while our cyber insurance protects
your home against cyber threats.

*Cyberboxx Home is not currently available in the province of Quebec.

  • Online Safety Training for Kids

    BOXX Academy delivers cyber awareness training to prevent breaches – protect your network via cyber-resilient kids.

  • Hackbusters Incident Response Team

    IT-expert response teams contain cyber incidents and re-secure your home network.

  • Equifax Credit and Identity Monitoring

    Equifax Premier helps everyone in your family stay ahead of, and protect against, identity theft hacks.

  • Identity Restoration

    Dedicated identity restoration specialists will help restore your identity should anyone your household fall victim to ID fraud.

  • Protect Against Cyber Extortion & Bullying

    Cyberboxx covers the costs of experts to help respond to ransom demands, cyber bullying or abuse.

  • Complete Home Cyber Insurance Coverage Backed by HSB

    Everyone in your household is covered against incidents, such as malware attacks, online fraud or cyber extortion.

Cyber Insurance Plans
for Home

We recommend speaking with your broker or a Cyberboxx Expert,
to determine the plan and coverage that’s exactly right for your household.

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Give your family the right set of cyber protection services they need to increase your home’s cyber resilience.

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